Stone Care

The Best & Maintenance-Free Stone Care begins and ends with Dry Treat.

Seal your stone for a lifetime of protection with your authorized Dry Treat applicators, Petra Seal.

Granite and Marble Care

DIY Impregnators can be applied periodically for sealing your natural stone.  Ask us about sealants you can purchase for home use.

Soapstone Care

Time will make this grayish blue stone slowly darken from regular use to a beautiful natural petina. If a mark gets on the stone, either rub it vigorously with dry paper towel or use a little piece of light grit (300-400) sandpaper. The sanded stone will return to it's original color.

You can use standard mineral oil that's purchased in a pharmacy to enhance the color. Rub it onto the stone and remove any excess. This will darken the stone to an almost black color. Over time, the mineral oil will evaporate and will need to be re-applied (every 4-8 weeks) to keep the counter top uniform in color. If time goes by and you wish to return the counter top color to the original grayish blue, you can use an electric flat sander.

You can sand out scratches with varying grits of sandpaper depending on the size of the scratch. The deeper the scratch, the lower number grit sand paper you'll want to start with. 80 grit sandpaper is pretty rough and will sand quite a lot of soapstone quickly. As the scratch is sanded out, you will want to graduate to a progressively higher grit sand paper (220 then higher to 300-400) for a finish that will basically match the original grit finish. After sanding is complete, top off the repaired area with a little mineral oil or sealer.